Got Worms? Open

Got Worms? Is now open at ‘A small view’ in gostins arcade, Liverpool Saturdays 1-5pm til 21st May.



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Got Worms?

Got Worms_Poster

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April 13, 2016 · 4:14 pm

Exhibition coming up in Roswell!

POSTER Recovery positions SMALL

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November 4, 2015 · 3:22 am

‘Faecal Transplant’ New Sculpture

Fecal Transplantweb

faecal close up 1 web faecal close up 2 web

We just finished this piece!

‘Faecal Transplant’

Digitally printed Satin

78″ (h) x 44″(w) x 36″ (d)


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Collaborative Art

Recently we have been asked questions about collaboration (with a feeling there is some kind of negativity), so here is a little essay I found with some interesting points.

Essay: On Collaboration.

Since Art school (so for over 10 years)Paddy and I have both collaborated with a variety of different people in various ways and have found this to be extremely rewarding. I believe that we will continue to collaborate with others as well as each other and feel very fortunate enough to have had the experiences and opportunities to create with some amazing people. Oliver braid, George Lionel Barker, Sam Savage, Gema Melgar, Gary dower, Victoria Foster to name a few. Everytime a collaboration takes place with people that mean something to you it gives you something wonderful that there aren’t really words for.

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Roswell (Some initial thoughts)

If you did not know we have relocated to Roswell New Mexico to do an artist residency for a year. So it is May 14th  and we have been in Roswell now for nearly 2 and a half months. The last time we undertook a residency was 2010 in Linz, Austria and we were really at the beginning of trying to cement our collaborative practice with each other. Scoot forward quite a few years and our artistic collaboration and life together has come a long way through some great and tough times.

It is easy to be reflective here in Roswell as we have so much space physically and mentally. A space that has been needed for a long time. We have settled here fairly easily which suggests we were more than ready for the change. But our work has always needed change. It thrives on different experiences and situations, it is really the only way it can progress and it progresses alongside our life.

We have consistently turned the experiences from our life into the many solo exhibitions and projects we have undertaken. Each has been an important step in attaining some form of self knowledge. They chart the decisions we have made and the thoughts we have had in dealing with our pasts, the present world external to us and the one we have been creating for ourselves. Like an ongoing experiment leading us to build up and chart our own philosophies which remain conflicted and full of ambiguities.  We ask ourselves so many questions about norms and behaviours, always seeking to be perceptive to others’ attitudes about contemporary life and art in order to keep moving. All of this then helps to inform the work we make; a complicated display of ideas and forms from a dialogue between 2 strange brains.

And with that here we are in Roswell. We are drawing and thinking, getting some sunshine, dealing with ourselves and fitting right in as aliens. And we are excited about whatever the outcomes may be!topiagould shadowAlso check out the new online exhibition created by Paddy called The Male Sundae at

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‘SEX SHOP’-Transition Gallery London

We are in this! Get on down and see our sculpture featured in Part one of the exhibition!

Internal clitoris (one size does not fit all)

Originally a highlight of the 2014 Folkestone Fringe, Sex Shop is swapping the salty sea air for the thrills and

spills of London’s East End, when it takes up residence in Transition Gallery at the end of February.

The curators invited 50 people – primarily artists and designers, but also practitioners from other disciplines – to create a prototype version of their own sex or fetish object. The responses they received span a wide range of different media: from 3D maquettes, to 2D visualizations, to audio-visual pieces, and reference a cornucopia of sexual practices, fetishes and merchandise. They are by turns personal, playful, provocative and usable.

From a 3D printed insect’s penis to a crucifixion butt plug, bondage tea towels to spray on condoms, homemade porn to homemade jam, Sex Shop has something to tickle every fancy – no matter how unusual.

All the pieces on display in Sex Shop will be for sale and the exhibition will coincide with a special sex themed edition of Garageland magazine.

Sex Shop has been conceived and curated by Sarah Gillham, Darren Narin and Jack Stokoe.


For further information please contact | visit

Private view Friday 27th February 2015, 6 – 9pm

Part One: Saturday 28th February – Saturday 14th March 2015 (Fri – Sun 12 – 6pm)

Part Two: Sunday 15th March – Sunday 29th March 2015 (Fri – Sun 12 – 6pm)

Part One

Salvatore Arancio | Susan Beattie & Yvonne Stone | Bronwen Buckeridge | Tamsin Clark & Peter Saville | Keith Farquhar | Nick Fox | Patrick Goddard | Richard Healy | Joey Holder | Nick Land | LEAK | Dave Maclean (Django Django) | Évelie Mouila | Darren Nairn | Mike Nelson | Cathie Pilkington | David Rayson | Chris Rogers (Exotic-Erotic) | Sh! (represented by Roxy Topia and Paddy Gould) | Amy Stephens | Jack Stokoe | Marloes ten Bhomer | Suzanne Treister | John Walter | Phil Wilson-Perkin …

Part Two

Robert Cary Williams | Blue Curry | Jorge de la Garza | Jess Eaton | Tessa Farmer | Keith Farquhar | Jon Fawcett | Tom Gallant | Sarah Gillham | Paul Hazelton | Liane Lang | Debbie Lawson | Mindy Lee | Cathy Lomax | Clare Mitten | Catherine Morland | Laura Morrison | Benjamin Orlow | Frances Richardson | Freddie Robins | Alli Sharma | Corinna Spencer | Mimei Thompson | Tom Walker …

Closing event / Garageland sex edition launch Sunday 29th March 2015, 4 – 6pm

Transition Gallery

Unit 25a (second floor) Regent Studios 8 Andrews Road, London E8 4QN

020 7254 4202 |

Nearest tube station Bethnal Green. Nearest station Cambrige Heath: From Bethnal Green tube station walk up Cambridge Heath Road towards Hackney (or take any bus going towards Hackney) and turn left along Andrews Road on the north side of the canal. Regent Studios is on your right (behind the metal gates) just before you reach the bridge across the canal and Broadway Market.

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